Re: Talk of the Town

by nsalvo (07.07.08 08:07 pm)

I was there too and totally agree with your posting.

Although some interesting ideas did emerge, there was a lot of wanky art talk and sometimes I really did not follow what was being discussed. That being said, I didn’t attend any of the earlier sessions so that may have affected my lack of understanding.

There was definitely a division between those participants sitting around the table and the viewing audience...but if you'd stuck around you would have seen the dynamic change- we all ate and drank and everyone mingled and shared was less formal, more relaxed and the “hierarchy” had disappeared.

I’d like to see what becomes of the conversations in the next A Prior

Re: Talk of the Town

by dagwead (07.07.08 11:02 pm)

if one says A Pryor

one say A Pryor

one might see there is a slogan aspect to
“one say”
as to say, there is only one say in the matter.

the “y” in prior would be an attempt at grafting onto the sense of language play, but the use would really be more anglicized

the problem is really due to the New York blind spot, i.e., cliche of demographic manneristicness, the schizoid lugnut it outsources as provincialism. Note the diction. Derrida chose differAAANCE, for that nasal American A. Please don't push the “HE THINKS HE'S DERRIDA!” button.

I ain't Amiri Baraka neithah
(tho I'd check some of those unblinking epithets, Sir, tho I'm a better man for it)

I guess the point was

I mean, Berlinda is pretty good with brand names. And High Concept, true. And Pretty Downtown. Like you Michael. Someone call KITT.

Try split endz reruns punctuated by and extreme makeover episode. Make a statement without saying a word. Snaps.

But, in all seriousness, it seemed only fair to have another flythru. O the unmentionable. Plus the show needed bananas, it really did. Check Pierogi. Unplanned Synchronicity.
Plus it's a superior starch for kapha. Film was {a a} good metaphor. Bananas. Fin.

Some form of social titration has been long overdue. Its not Frankfurt School, it's New York.

It's blogging. It's a different form.
Do it for Kerouac.

Oooh look, a buddha.
Any disgusting characterizations you wish to project?

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by dopplebock (07.18.08 07:25 pm)

Re: Neo politan with the chocolate eaten
by uri geller (06.05.05 05:57 pm)

patterns all around you patterns everywhere patterns of behavior sometimes seem unfair can you recognize the patterns that you find? patterns unfamiliar patterns lead you through (to) patterns of discovery tracing out the clues can you recognize the patterns that you find? stuck in your mind in this land where stability is hard to find you can rearrange the patterns so unkind don't bother asking why a pattern never cries old patterns never die they just go on and on patterns multiplying re-direct our view endless variations make it all seem new

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by Back Talk (07.20.08 05:34 pm)

Collectors don't know what they like. No Collector or Dealer would be buying or showing ...say 3rd generation Pop Art if it hadn't gotten an in depth review from New York Times or Artforum. Look it up. There are very few exceptions. The rest just fall in line.I had to censor myself here It's a crime that Artforum is afraid of other opinions that will make sense to a large part of the art world ..what are you so afraid of ? The truth ? Like I said before this was removed there's a lot of artists who are NOT interested in making cute kitsch or kitsch with a conceptual message but are seeing work and artists that's only talent is who they know and they are ANGRY

Re: Talk of the Town

by FakeName5678 (07.20.08 08:00 pm)

i go away for a cupla days and there's some kind of crisis...
just what does ARTFORTHEM have to be afraid of ?
name a mag with more heft.

Re: Talk of the Town

by Back Talk (07.20.08 10:11 pm)


Well certainly not you!

Re: Talk of the Town

by FakeName5678 (07.20.08 10:41 pm)

just a submerging artist with no connections.
quite harmless.

Re: Talk of the Town

by Real Person (07.21.08 01:29 pm)

All heft, no substance, frilly party backgrounds for the weak, spoiled and decadent, times have changed, and you will fall. Nicely done package, but empty and shallow. Boring. Irrelevant, Stupid.

Re: Talk of the Town

by Back Talk (07.21.08 04:57 pm)

Is there an artist that has had a show at the Whitney in the last 5 years the readers of Artforum thought was mediocre ?

Re: Talk of the Town

by Real Person (07.21.08 05:06 pm)

Not in NY, but seen what they have shown, the question should be, how many over its history HAVENT been mediocre. Just because we are the most powerful nation militarily and economically doesn't mean we are worth a damn artistically. Music yes, Miles, Coltrane, Monk, light years beyond American visual arts. Only the generation just after WWII, actually growing up during it, has been worth a damn. The most arrogant and spoiled?, Yeah thats us.

Re: Talk of the Town

by Back Talk (07.22.08 06:05 pm)

Koons still garners some of the most scathing reviews around. He’s been accused of unabashed cynicism, of self-promotion, of hype. Just last month the Chicago Tribune dismissed his entire oeuvre as failing “every known test for quality” (I’d love to see these tests)

The first one is with the legs together the Balloon Dog loses all its sculpture power. It would have been so much stronger if the legs had been spread.On a “content” level its a bit UP TIGHT no sex for you

Re: Talk of the Town

by FakeName5878 (07.23.08 08:27 am)

This is what Artforum has done to the Artists who are considered Formalist

Meanwhile the intense focus on the fate of the hutongs has eclipsed an equally pressing preservation issue, the demolition of Socialist-style housing from the 1950s and ’60s. The imminent threat ishistorical censorship: a vision of the past that is so thoroughly edited that it will soon have little relation to the truth.