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by Back Talk (08.12.08 09:53 am)

My understanding as of 7 years ago was you can bring money into China but cant take it out. At least thats what I was told while

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by mor (08.12.08 02:08 pm)

Will the content on display at Pace in China be censored? If so, by whom? Will it be self censorship? How are they getting art in and out of the country?

After reading about the seizing of Zhang Hongtu’s painting by Chinese customs - and considering the issues of human rights in the Sudan, Burma and Tibet, I can't fathom a report about anything going on in China that doesn't address these questions...


"Bird’s Nest, in the Style of Cubism (2008) is typical of Zhang’s work in its ironic melding of Western and Chinese imagery and styles. As the title suggests, it represents the Beijing Olympic stadium — popularly called the “Bird’s Nest” — in a convincing mock-Cubist style....

The canvas also features Cubist-like lettering in both English and Chinese. The Chinese phrases refer to the Olympic torch and the slogan “one world, one dream”; the English words are “Tibet” and “Human Right[s].”...

The official reasons for seizing the picture, according to the artist, were that it contains “unacceptable” wording, that the depiction of the stadium “isn’t good enough,” and that the color scheme of the picture “is inappropriate: too dark and dull.”

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by Back Talk (08.17.08 12:14 pm)

Take your time beautiful ...even Dekoonig was seen as a 2nd rate artist 20 years ago ...why?because he never gave up the idea of draftsmanship. With the influence of the minimalist , Greenberg formalist and late Dadaist conceptualist he was a no no

Asked if the Garage would have its own collection, Ms. Zhukova said that would be many years down the road, if ever.

“For now I’m trying to learn as much as I can to make up for my lack of art history,” she said. “The more I read, the more I realize what I don’t know.”

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by Back Talk (08.21.08 08:59 am)

By the way ..whats with this “big eyed ” children look that the Chinese Artists all go for? It looks so much like the sickening cute art of (Walter) and Margaret Keene from the 50s Its a weird place When the Chinese are told what to paint they paint Kitschy Social Realism and now they are free to paint what they want ...they get influenced by Margaret Keene. I guess they just love cutie pie kitsch but then so do the republican collectors

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by FakeName5678 (08.21.08 02:42 pm)

what's the mandarin word for twee ?

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by Back Talk (08.25.08 02:05 pm)

the sin of language was a misdemeanor compared with whole nihilistic roomfuls of abject detritus, installations with more electronic equipment than an arena concert, and hugely expensive wannabe architecture in which designer drugs were somewhat mitigated by the assistance of a structural engineer. Although the artists boasted in the accompanying press material that the art — what a big tent “art” was now! — “forces the viewer to confront” some geopolitical issue or another, the local stuff, at least, seemed to be made by upper-middle-class kids who could afford the tuition for a Master of Fine Arts degree and then a studio in some rapidly gentrifying quarter of Brooklyn. The bar for “oppression” had apparently been lowered to anybody looking cross-eyed at them on the subway. Between the lines, so to speak, their art told whiney stories about putative victimhoods, or self-congratulatory stories about their empathy for other people’s misfortunes. And they didn’t want their messages to be confined to mere galleries, either. You could feel them looking toward wider, more glamorous horizons. “Face it,” the film critic at the newsweekly where Arthur plied his trade had once said to him when he took her along to a couple of exhibitions, “they all want to direct.” Peter Plagens in Artnet

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by dopplebock (08.26.08 12:42 pm)

If Plagens is a parody, what is it sending up exactly? I rather hope himself, as his narrow slice of art world conceit seems to fit exactly ten people and their closest cuckolds. Or am i too sheltered?

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by FakeName5678 (08.26.08 03:29 pm)

i heard he got all the content from Talkback and hired a grad student to edit it into a narrative

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by dopplebock (08.26.08 05:06 pm)

can i put it on my resume? The writing (flow, style, tone) is atrocious - if it's an MFA they should ask for their money back.

Maybe it was written by committee like the the Bernadette corporation? Painful. Like reading the dead sea scrolls translated by Mr. Chips. Sans cullottes.

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by dopplebock (08.27.08 10:56 am)

The trio's rates start at $800 an hour on slow days and can range as high as $2,000 on busy weekends. With most dates averaging two to five hours—plus sleepovers once or twice a month—Heather and Olivia both estimate they made around $300,000 last year, tax-free. Kelly reports earning $500,000 in six months, in no small part because one client—a young artist who is receiving a lot of favorable attention—gave her a painting that she sold to an art collector friend for a six-figure sum. Olivia, who initially planned to quit after banking $25,000, says she is still in awe of how lucrative sex work can be.

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by Back Talk (08.27.08 11:07 am)

Or am i too sheltered?
Yes I think so ...Plagens describes the art world as I know it ..or am I to far removed? I hope so

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by dopplebock (08.28.08 09:22 am)

The art world is stupid.

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by Back Talk (08.28.08 01:11 pm)

You could probably do a cut and paste from Artforums Diary and have a PG rated version of Plagens book

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by FakeName5678 (08.28.08 02:32 pm)

that's why they call it “scene & herd”

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by nemo (08.29.08 04:57 pm)

people just dont hear themselves, do they? i think plagens is writing here in a voice quite like yourown dopplezip

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by nemo (08.29.08 05:22 pm)

it's kinda Mad Men, actually

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by dopplebock (08.29.08 11:26 pm)

I, too, am Charlotte Simmons. I'm available for ghost writing, should certain people of a certain age want to keep it real with the younger folks. Or is the writing supposed to read as geriatric noodlings on pilfered legal pads at the Yale club? I can do that too.

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by dopplebock (08.30.08 01:26 am)

Portnoy's Complaint: A disorder in which strongly-felt ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme sexual longings, often of a perverse nature...

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by meleagris (09.01.08 01:16 pm)

Hello, for those who know me the start page is now up for this year's event. As to the gallery in Beijing I hope it can increase positive ties even if there are issues of cultural difference to be worked through. Happy Labor Day everyone and stay safe!

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by suggestreading (09.02.08 06:15 pm)

Okay, I'm ready for poetry, comments, suggested

In fact comments are greatly appreciated.

(of course I love Artforum, Bookforum—thought everyone knew this already)

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by Back Talk (09.07.08 12:40 pm)

News, 1969/2005” by Hans Haacke.
The show’s premise is that art is not fixed but is constantly changing, according to who engages with it, and that traditional museums, obsessed with bankable objects and narrowing categories, cannot hold it.
Photo: Hans Haacke/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
OK But the only place where work like this can be show is in some type of institution or MUSUEM.(or a super wealthy private collectors museum/house) I use to think its was admirable that the minimalist, conceptualist and earth artists want to show their art “outside the gallery and museum system” what I realize now is they just want the whole damn Museum for themselves

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by dopplebock (09.07.08 01:07 pm)

or the post studio artists - how do they get invited in the first place? Out of a pool I suppose. And what is that pool if not a studio in itself? But no, I guess a studio has paint and easels or at least a vice and some clamps, if not actual shackles and a winch to hoist aloft the specter of Christmas past.

So while I do adore, as do many, the idea of showing outside the box, who put the idea of the box in my head in the first place? Surely I never aspired to show in a box until I saw one - and I certainly did not grow up with a mobile of white cubes in my crib (my idea people, don't steal it unless you want me puking curaco tinted lime juice all over your shoes).

So if the fault of the box lies with anyone, I think it must be with the school - and how funny, school, with it's reputation for innovative technique, its devil may care openness to the new.

How many schools teach post studio practice? How many internships are available? Where does one submit their resume? is it possible to self brand? Or do curatorial insects only look to their own colonies for inspiration?

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by Back Talk (09.07.08 01:46 pm)

whatever ..just don't be a Hypocrite
1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

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by dopplebock (09.07.08 03:51 pm)

very interesting! Maybe you will like my new site:

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by suggestreading (09.07.08 06:23 pm) insects please...just (ip) words...

and no, I am not “doing”...I only know what some drugs are because I guessed. They make me want to drink.

I drink tea and milk. Take a vitamin w/ a calcium supplement.

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by suggestreading (09.10.08 04:39 pm)

Drinking beer.

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by suggestreading (09.15.08 07:22 pm)

Too bored to even describe it.

Just leave a comment: I might feel an emotion i haven't felt in years...(excitement)...

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by meleagris (09.15.08 11:58 pm)

Hello, this year's event ends at midnight but those who know me can find my project posted there now. Any thoughts on the Jeff Koons article? I wonder how he is discussed in the Beijing scene as it appears he is collected there.

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by suggestreading (09.17.08 10:39 am)


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by suggestreading (09.17.08 11:05 am)

(took too long)

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by zracx (10.02.12 03:57 am)

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does anyone get the conclusions point from the blog “the separate pace”? can anyone can tell me the main points of this? do me a favor.