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by dagwead (08.10.08 12:17 pm)

That's funny. I met some folks from the other side of the hippy dream who just don't like Patti Smith. Apparently they were street musicians in Pitman, NJ, back before she was a rising star. She was a kid wearing a black beret, and told them to get off the streets. “Get out of here, you are so middle-class.” Je suis television. I guess she has made up for lost time since.

Then there was the time she spit on the stage of her alma mater, Glassboro State,
which probably kicked her out for trying to be a hippy. If you ever need to borrow a pair of grey Church loafers from Franklin Mills, definitely give me a call.

Oh, my third Patti Smith moment. Birthday party. New friend, sweet guy. Someone gave him her Hanuman Press copy of Patti Smith poems. He is a great writer, and it was a really beautiful gesture, probably one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever seen. The “someone” who gave it to him was recovering from heroin addiction. I do not know her really, but I wish her continuous love and support. That was the first time I ever cared about Patti Smith.

We just had hail and Ezra in South Jersey, and the blackness of the thundercloud seemed to dissipate. Here comes the rain again.

(Ding-dong? Morning Charlie? Hello? I was trying to tell you something about your “crue.” Be good.) Sure, you is me.

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by Back Talk (08.17.08 12:19 pm)

and thinking of the “Hippy Dream” I haven't seen much in politics in the art world and this Mag. How are the artists looking at this presidential election? Im taking about real politics who are you going to vote for ?

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by ericdavidart (08.27.08 12:48 pm)

Eric David writes

As an artist living in the United States, I'm not sure who I like in the presidential election. To be honest, I haven't had time to keep up with the issues, and so all I can hope for is a president who can help promote a positive existence for all humanity while protecting our ideals. I think if we all work together we can always accomplish more.

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by johndisoja21 (08.29.08 05:19 am)

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