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by Back Talk (11.03.08 03:03 pm)

it’s simply bohemian commercial graphic design or pseudo-transgressive department-store window-dressing, aspiring, at best, to ’edgy.’ It’s as neurotically other-directed as Richard Nixon, although frequently in the guise of the Dali Lama.

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by dopplebock (11.04.08 03:47 am)

i dunno, I feel like anything anyone can do is good enough, and if you try hard, then its ok.

Even if you don't try hard, or try too hard.

I liked the idea of the orchestra leaving the performance one person at a time - I do hope the last person turned out the lights - plop plop fizz fizz.

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by FakeName5678 (11.04.08 08:46 am)

i don't know about you guys, but i became an artist so i wouldn't hafta “relate”

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by Back Talk (11.06.08 02:54 pm)

What happen to the Robert Hughes post ?

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by dopplebock (11.06.08 05:27 pm)

I dont know its sad. Like I wrote over there, in a self fulfilling prophesy, dont spend too much time because it will get deleted, and then there it is, Ozzymandias and shit.

veni vidi vici, ad nauseum voibiscum.

Resquiat en Pax.


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by Back Talk (11.06.08 05:31 pm)

Am I so out of it ???but who would pay 52 for a ink jet reproduction.Its not a very exciting image nor is it a original idea

The contemporary dealer Glenn Dranoff reported that business was slow, but he did manage to make some sales, including a pleasing pair of glittering Damien Hirst digital prints, Cathedral Print with Diamond Dust (2007), for $52,500

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by dopplebock (11.07.08 09:13 am)

Well is everything a visual pun or can i just look at art and not see anything? I hope so, though I also enjoy reading.

Like the agony meets extasy of Stella or whatever. Its good and bad at the same time, what you see is what you see, unless there is the value added of diamond dust, which is like so 007 and shit like that.

Not easy on the eyes, I can tell you. I;m sure that's it. I keep seeing work like that - boob trapped.

Like that sculpture in soho for so many years. WHat ever became of it?

Her magesty is a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say, seeing as how shes grinding her teeth to dust in her sleep every night worrying about how to cheat the russians - those yokels!

Oh but then I;m not a collector of merrit, just souls.

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by dopplebock (11.07.08 09:14 am)

WHich is to say I think its a riff on that german dude, Polke.

What a knob.

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by CAP (11.10.08 08:24 am)

Knobs have their uses.

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by Back Talk (11.13.08 02:53 pm)

I say its still a $5000. painting OK Ill be generous make it $15000. really its way to fast I mean this stuff is like a IPO Theres lots of original Formalist art out there but why? this? at this price?

Grotjahn combines linear motifs and hard-edged designs with bright, Pop-inspired colors, as well as references to myriad art-historical styles—Constructivism, Op art and post-painterly abstraction. To describe the work in his breakout 2003 solo show at Anton Kern, a critic used the phrase “perverse formalism.” Paintings from that exhibition sold at prices ranging from $8,000 to $20,000, depending on their size. The present work originally sold for $5,000.

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by Back Talk (11.13.08 06:01 pm)

Meaning is always there but formal innovation is not a thats why you like all those old brown academic stews of the past

Today, the diminishing returns of innumerable innovations later, many of us have come to rank values of meaning above those of brilliance. So, yes, the fault of Miró’s vitiated appeal is his, though I believe that I speak for a consensus in declaring that he is forgiven. ♦

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by dopplebock (11.16.08 04:58 pm)

The lazy reader asks the questions at the end of the chapter:

what is Miro being forgiven for?
Was Miro an angry young man?
What indications de have that Miro was an angry young man?
What value added does being angry have for an artist? For a work of art?
Is anger critical?
What kinds of criticality are bunkum?
What does lack of criticality mean?
Yes we can?

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by Back Talk (11.17.08 06:07 pm)

it hardly resembled the blind consumptive beast we have come to expect in recent years.

It never was... any of them Everyone was bullied into going out of fear they wouldn't look like a blue chip or first rate gallery Do the math.Out of 200 gallery yes about 10 sold out made the art news but the rest sold very little With this downturn everyone can bail or at least tell the truth about sales...who will be in business in 1 year ? the ones with outside money it Daddys Bailout until he takes the T-Bird away

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by Back Talk (12.06.08 01:08 pm)

Takashi Murakami needs some professional HELP

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by Back Talk (12.06.08 06:34 pm)

Where do I start? They do look like 3rd rate Henry Moores I think Dekooning was right when he said Warhol fucked up all the young artists

Anselm Reyle: They're from little African figurines that my mother has at home. I scan them and change the shape until they look like perfect modern sculptures, a bit like the ones you see when they show modern art in a Donald Duck comic. So, again, a cliché, like a wagonwheel. I don’t think that kitsch or clichés are necessarily bad. T

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by Back Talk (12.08.08 05:41 pm)

and why should I care? I dont expect this regime in LA or NYC to show work that I admire. Theres been an agenda for the last 40 years that has by and large censored what I find the most ambitious art
The recent art boom made quite a few artists almost as rich as philanthropists. You know who you are. But the nonrich need to consider seriously the degree to which the Museum of Contemporary Art has enriched their lives, personal and professional. What is it worth to you to have this museum continue to exist? Would you give $100? $500? $1,000? Would you give $2,300? In other words, take a page from the playbook of the recent campaign of the president-elect, who harnessed small donations, grass-roots organization and a galvanizing sense of individual empowerment to sail to victory.

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by dopplebock (12.11.08 12:38 pm)

I should think Nero should bloody well have a look and see if the museum could be rebuilt.

Why not?

Let a thousand fires bloom.

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by Back Talk (12.17.08 06:34 pm)

More Art about Product ended 9/15/2008

NEW YORK—Not just any artist could create side-by-side replicas of the Mona Lisa — one in peanut butter and one in jelly — and still be taken seriously by the art establishment. But Vik Muniz has

(When I was living in the East Village in the early ’80s and first saw Koons’s hybrid of art and marketing, I began to see the possibilities for me to become an artist. I thought, ‘I can do that, and I can do it for all the right reasons.’ I feel close to this kind of art practice, which takes on mass culture as a whole and deals with things that are very simple — things that are just around you — for what they are. This is a very important work for me; I was deeply inspired by it.”)

The right reasons to become an artist ?how do you become an artist for the right reasons ?Warhol really fucked up the art world