Re: Fly by Night

by dagwead (11.28.08 08:51 pm)

Crooked rain, crooked rain.
You made me think of a beautiful moment
in the airport in Toronto (you know, MY international experience :) coming back from
Kalachakra (see Herzog), having a cup of coffee. Looking out a window onto the tarmac (Mori). The lady behind the counter was singing along to Imagine. It wasn't necessarily a bucolic scene, but was a really really beautiful moment.

Shanghai sounds like classic Yoko!
I am smiling thinking about the goofy disco.

I think the NY folks can handle the universal love ;) I'm just as happy driving Ringlet around, picking my nose :)

2 Jump I was in Fort Lee as a kid when I heard the news on the radio in our beige Datsun. I begged my dad to go to Central Park for the gathering. It broke everyone's heart. I hope Zoomy Polaroid understands!

The Orozco kite films in Jaipur, so beautiful.

Re: Fly by Night

by chopol (12.24.08 07:30 am)

this is good think.