Re: Superflex

by zeitguy (01.20.09 10:21 am)

Isn't it naive to think that choosing Macdonald's for the subject is going to leave any doubt about your intentions or ideology? While I look forward to seeing it for the same reason I looked forward to the explosion sequence at the end of Zabriskie Point, I wasn't wondering about Antonioni's message at the time, and I don't wonder if you have found a new situationist take on mass consumerism, either.

Now, if you had made a movie about flooding an NFL football locker room during SuperBowl halftime, or flooding the NBC news studios during the evening news, or flooding the Senate confirmation hearings of an Obama appointee, I might have wondered what you were thinking, to a certain degree.

As it is, I simply assume you are exercising the ironic fatigue of a generation in shifting the imperatives of the priveleged view from morality to absurd physics. It has worked for the Coen brothers in mass cinema, and worked for Damien Hirst in fine art. So you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Although it might be kind of soggy.

Re: Superflex

by dopplebock (01.26.09 12:29 am)

Durham also collects fine art, including colorful pieces by Peter Max. He'll even finance paintings for people who like this kind of art. "I try to work a business element into every aspect of what I like.”