Re: Another Woman

by nemo (01.23.09 02:38 pm)

“She” That title has been around for so long. I was even in a show called “She” way back in the early 80s. People thought the title was sexist back then but now everybody is AOK wit it.

Anyway, Kristine McKenna is redoubtable, and I love Wallace Berman. R. Prince? OK I guess. I love biker chicks and I love Gregory issacs Night Nurse...the pain is getting worse.

And Z—check it out Brett Easton Ellis is doing the story. Leave it to him to get 2 the bottom of it. The bottom fer sure.

Re: Another Woman

by dopplebock (01.23.09 08:30 pm)

That's funny. Someone already started a screen play, it wasn't very good - toungue in cheek without much toungue. Or cheek, really.

Apropos of the popular notion that art is a religious cult, I could write the screen play based on the inner circle of deluded hierophants.

Let the games begin.

Re: Another Woman

by CAP (01.24.09 08:34 am)

It doesn't get any gaggier than this.

Another creepy opening, another planet.

Re: Another Woman

by clynnsmith (01.24.09 02:35 pm)

It's always just a pleasure to read your work, Andrew... see you at the Marmont, with or without Pam.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (01.25.09 09:25 am)

The real question is “who's getting in Polythene Pam's panties” Richard Prince looks clueless but that silver fox Ed Ruscha.?..she came in the bathroom window protected by a silver spoon...honey pie you're driving me crazy... number 9

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (01.26.09 09:37 am)

Good Question and a hard one to answer but I do think its MORE ART than Lawrence Weiner but is it more important art than LW?
The Image Is Erotic. But Is It Art?
Published: January 20, 2009
WALKING out of a Mel Ramos exhibition the other day, my companion remarked on how benignly amusing his paintings now seemed. Back in the 1970s, when she was a younger, more fiery feminist, his works infuriated her.

Re: Another Woman

by nemo (01.26.09 02:38 pm) I used to babysit for Mel Ramos.

I think he was doing the obvious back then. Having his cigar and smoking it too. Goofing on consumer culture, enjoying male desire, using women and their image, making gobs of money

The big change was not Koons or Currin, but when women took control of their own image—Madonna, Yuskavage et al. Pippi Rist...

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (01.27.09 08:32 am)

Like I said the more absurd the more money it takes

Around the same time, McCarthy turned his venture-capital attention to an even larger yuletide commercial failure. “Last year I tried to buy a Santa's Village by Lake Arrowhead,” he says. The dilapidated village — part of a '50s-era franchise of Santa theme parks in California and Chicago — opened in the mountains just outside LA in 1955, six weeks before nearby Disneyland opened its doors. “I was planning on just treating it as a sculpture,” McCarthy says. “I had plans for making films there, then operating parts of it.” Although he did sneak in to take photographs, the project was never realized.

“I was in negotiation for almost three months. At one point it was $6 million. I probably could have sold off enough of the property to pay for it, while keeping the village separate,” the artist says. "But then they said, ‘$12 million.’

Re: Another Woman

by nemo (01.27.09 12:55 pm)

Personally I like Vivienne Westwoods Boyfriend better than Pammy, but that's just me.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (01.27.09 04:26 pm)

Its a deal You get boyfriend and I get Pammy in the cart

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.07.09 09:52 am)

Very True ...but its also a statement/comparison on how overpriced and overated this art is and most likely the buyer will never see his money again. At least he/she will have a reminder of their gullibility

“Art is better than ever,” said the ecstatic dealer moments after the sale. “Is it better to give money to Madoff to disappear or give money to banks that close?

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.11.09 09:30 am)

I thought the Knoebel show was one of the better shows Ive seen this month and certainly the best show Ive seen at Mary Boone since Eric Fischl
Imi Knoebel works priced at Mary Boone Gallery for $170,000 to $325,000 had not been sold.. Hello.. SO? Did you see this show? Are they crazy???? MAO would call that, Total Common Sense.. not the result of a recession.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.13.09 08:49 am)

BUT every example of what was going on art wise in the “timeline” looked so much better ....even that Dekooning which had to be the worst Dekooning Ive seen in a gallery I guess the rule of thumb is ...if you cant paint make DADA for MOMA and yes he looks great in the photos.
He has clearly taken it as his main task to put Manzoni in an international context. He has arranged the work by date, from 1955 to 1963, and provided a kind of timeline of information about the artist, about the immediate art world he moved in, and about global political and culture events of the day. Manzoni could easily be lost in the data, but he isn’t. He always stands out in photographs, and he makes for good copy, just as he hoped he would.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.13.09 05:27 pm)

So true Charlie ...thanks I forgot about this show it bordered on sick/creepy ..and not in a good art way and by the way didn't Zack let 8 artists go? and he puts this up? is he kidding?

But the worst installation mess is Justin Lieberman's mélange at Zach Feuer Gallery of Nazi flags, baseball cards and the Beatles' infamous dead babies' album cover, drenched in what appears to be solidified come. Now that Jason Rhoades is dead, there should be an indefinite moratorium on this kid of art.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.15.09 01:28 pm)

Some would say that your attitude is what got us in this mess! not about the big$$$ but everything else.Personally Im glad to see a“ painting and drawing revival” and I disagree about your interpretation of “QUALITY” as about formal skill. quality just IS you see it and its never defined as anything. I think your making the same mistake on quality as the formalist who seemed to see it as something technical. Art has always been about the “hooks” and the real question is how many can you come up with?Your the one who sounds like a old conservative fart
And where is art in all of this? Proliferating but languishing. “Quality,” primarily defined as formal skill, is back in vogue, part and parcel of a conservative, some would say retrogressive, painting and drawing revival. And it has given us a flood of well-schooled pictures, ingenious sculptures, fastidious photographs and carefully staged spectacles, each based on the same basic elements: a single idea, embedded in the work and expounded in an artist’s statement, and a look or style geared to be as catchy as the hook in a rock song.

Re: Another Woman

by dopplebock (02.15.09 04:41 pm)

yeah BT couldn't agree more - HC is perpetuating myths while trying to sound like hes laying out truths. What a sham.

More hooks less herring.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (02.24.09 03:37 pm)

Forward Thinking? I dont think so.So old school OK I know Ill lose some of you but Graffiti is vandalism Every kid in America feels he has to go out and TAG its a Its a “Rite of Passage” for 14 year olds ...and safe.Its time the ART WORLD (sorry and falling) gets real about all their BS

I asked if they had been sent by MoMA, thinking maybe MoMA’s campaign was more forward-thinking than meets the eye; they said they hadn’t. I asked where they’d gotten the windbreakers; they said they “had friends at MoMA.” I asked who they were; they wouldn’t tell me.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (03.05.09 12:15 pm)

I agree on the “hypocrisy” but Id be really pissed if one of my photos got a “defacement” but thats just me... personally Id find the guy rip out his asshole sew in a cunt and fuck him until he cried MOMA LOVES DADA

The most sinister thing about the MoMA action, other than the hypocrisy of celebrating Kippenberger for his “strasse cred” and the usual boring trope about “defacement,” is that Jaeger's firing is really about intellectual property use. The same MoMA policies that restrict the fair use of images in its collection apply to reproductions on subway walls and every other place down to the pissoir in your local bistro.

Re: Another Woman

by Back Talk (03.06.09 08:20 am)

Heres the problem and the answers:
The art world is like the car business right now and its not just the lack of easy credit. What no one is talking or writing about is we all have a pretty nice car It runs on gas and gets OK gas milage.We are not interested in buying a new car thats like the one we have.WHY because we know that in 2-5 years there is going to be a major change in how cars look and run.The engine system will be radically different.(we hope) Detroit was not required to build anything that is “modern” under the Bush administration They where happy sucking the system dry. The same thing has happen in the art world. The collectors(Im not sure critics and curators are ready yet) know that there's a radical shift in the making and they to are saying why buy more of the same.What will the art look like? Im not sure but it wont look like the art that came about in the Reagan era It will be more serious with less of the decorative goofy silliness that we see so much of.There will probably be a shift away from the product/object look ...after that who knows

Re: Another Woman

by FakeName5678 (03.06.09 08:40 am)

i don't wanna sound like i'm writing a “silver lining” op-ed, but
(as T. Petty sang)
the future is wide open

Re: Another Woman

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