Re: Hangar Ons

by mgrayart (01.30.09 11:31 pm)

Wow...there are actually no photos of the art at the fair.

Thanks for nothing.

I can't believe it's the same old, same old, in this economic climate.

Seriously, Artforum, wake up and smell the depression.

It's (some of) the art and artists that will survive, not the “personalities”...meaning temporary gallerists and temporary collectors and temporary celebrities.


Re: Hangar Ons

by dagwead (02.01.09 10:00 pm)

Two geese through the engine,
no net loss.

Re: Hangar Ons

by Back Talk (02.05.09 03:24 pm)

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Re: Hangar Ons

by FakeName5678 (02.05.09 03:34 pm)

i'm totally down with partying like a Schnabel in NYC.
i've already flava-spammed everyone on all 17 of my e-mail accounts. it had to be done. i will not be denied.