Re: Spin City

by dagwead (02.03.09 01:36 am)

Scenic understanding from the beginning, blessed child. Plus, in the present context, you aren't really in a relational aesthetics situation—which would be more like ping-pong between artist and context (gallery, city, etc.). Either or both would be reductive, regarding Rikrit's work. After viewing a Paul Rudolph exhibition at Yale, and judging from the quality of my interaction with undergraduate passersby, I wonder whether Yale would benefit from a well-rounded relationship with RT.

My views on other parties, recalcitrant perhaps on account of intuitive beauty, may get the jist of things better than you, Mr. Wilson! How is that for pleasant provinciality? :)

Re: Spin City

by dopplebock (02.03.09 07:05 am)

Not retarded enough.