Re: Tagliata Tour

by William Wilson (02.04.09 01:54 pm)

A little soft, Milan is a helluva a lot more interesting than this bit of puff would have us believe.

Re: Tagliata Tour

by dagwead (02.05.09 02:16 pm)

Hmm, perhaps it glances a number of issues concerning sage gravitas as far as little clouds go. That could in fact be Mr. Wilson's challenge. Underlining the difficulty of viewing art, understanding, in the setting of a gallery opening, is not necessarily a bad thing. Does fashion equals puff? If so, would that make Mr. Wilson a shallow pouf?

Personally, I'm interested in the notion of cliche {all or nothing} in terms of the Saussure-Derrida axis—“cruelty”—wherein a monkey (talking British artist meth/od, not California actor, here) offers real human cruelty as a cheap substitute for any particular valence concerning literary modernism. How orthodox sounding!

From the Milan perspective of materiality, I agree Guyton offers a neutral moment. Maybe the gli cruelli rococci of other parties are dumb and cruel reminders of a past age.

I found the coverage fun and smart.

The bolo rose is great, by the way :)
Hari vishuddha, hari shakti, sat nam.

Deleuze and Guattari touch on Kafka's play with Yiddish in KAFKA: TOWARD A MINOR LITERATURE. If I remember correctly, in other linguistic typographies, however, Yiddish is considered High German—{if I remember correctly}. But that's Milan's play, the negative cast.

Re: Tagliata Tour

by Back Talk (02.05.09 03:30 pm)

Interesting ...the art is a footnote to the social scene