Re: Golden Graham

by dagwead (02.23.09 10:19 am)

True dat, art is pretty great.

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by dagwead (02.27.09 01:25 pm)

I keep thinking of Zizek's chapter “How the Non-duped Err” from EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT LACAN (BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK HITCHCOCK).

The ironic fermata of the “female” (who have, alas, cornered the market) monotone moan.

The psycho/optical inversion of the camera obscura and lockjaw “presentation” as the “inversion of the quote-unquote father”, Richard Simmons and isometrics. Good x's. In terms of sculpture,
“L'petite.” And shards, lotsa shards, big guy.

John-John Currin's a DANDY!


Re: Golden Graham

by Back Talk (03.02.09 09:03 am)

"get rid of all those schmaltzy French ideas!

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by Clemens Stecher (03.07.09 07:42 am)

Get rid of those boring repetitions ...

Re: Golden Graham

by Back Talk (03.07.09 08:05 am)

Heres the problem and the answers:
The art world is like the car business right now and its not just the lack of easy credit. What no one is talking or writing about is we all have a pretty nice car It runs on gas and gets OK gas milage.We are not interested in buying a new car thats like the one we have.WHY because we know that in 2-5 years there is going to be a major change in how cars look and run.The engine system will be radically different.(we hope) Detroit was not required to build anything that is “modern” under the Bush administration They where happy sucking the system dry. The same thing has happen in the art world. The collectors(Im not sure critics and curators are ready yet) know that there's a radical shift in the making and they to are saying why buy more of the same.What will the art look like? Im not sure but it wont look like the art that came about in the Reagan era It will be more serious with less of the decorative goofy silliness that we see so much of.There will probably be a shift away from the product/object look ...after that who knows