Re: London Bridges

by dagwead (03.02.09 01:28 pm)

I think Moscow is very interesting, there is the element of tragedy, where these ideals of Western consumption become recontextualized, where the historical intellectual tradition remains nascent, and the consumption becomes a kind of paint.
A similar sound, for me, the idea of seeing the Hermitage before the Musee D'Orsay.

For the sake of intellectual pleasure, I offer the image from my college days, amid the Tuscan-seeming hills of Central Virginia, the white wood churchmobile, a modified van which was modelled after a small church of Russian Orthodox persuasion, travelling the green hills, spreading the good word.

I keep thinking of a long gone Whitney Biennial (ah, when art was young!). Inverse Technology on Golden Gate Bridge. Who were the bohemian intellectuals in the attic of Saint Petersburg? And whose room in the asylum forecourt?

My resistance to “art nouveau” is interesting, where the art becomes a kind of paneling.
So if you “see a zombie” slouching toward the Manzoni retrospective, be certain that resistance is futile.