Opium for the Masses (Kouroi for the Few)

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Re: Opium for the Masses (Kouroi for the Few)

by dagwead (03.04.09 12:29 am)

The usage (imagine me of all people!) of bardo is usually “in the bardo”, but you have the general idea right: an in-between state, as you riff on “in limbo.”

The usual example is the bardo between life and death, but, to rejoin Ashbery, this is only one example.

The bardo between sleeping and wakefullness is another. They are situations conceived to be highly ambivalent, but recognized as being “of a single taste.” It's more of an experiential thing, rather than the conceptual paradox of, say, a koan, and not so much a predicament.

Sounds like you had a nice time in Paris. Hope you did. All best.

I should probably change my talkback tag on artforum, but it's just one example of the power of suggestion, true?