Re: Show Boat

by dagwead (03.19.09 11:48 pm)

Being Repulsive: As I Travel I See Elements of Buildings from
My Hotel Window that Originated in My/Our Work and Have Been Exploited All Over
(A Recording of Current Banalities as Former Outrages—In No Particular Order)

“Challenge me, don't harass me.”

—chapter title and quotation by Robert Venturi

[I don't think he'd appreciate your calling his work Postmodernist.
Perhaps the term would be “against the grain” of Learning from Las Vegas:
he doesn't seek to embrace the decorated shed. I know, I'm impressing all of the grad students.]

You might find the description of a current show up at Portikus shrouded, yet diagetical and curious.

“Every holy shroud rolled into one, wrapping up the scene and the cycle it will run....”

Well-shrouded, indeed.