Re: The Gulf Between

by dagwead (03.27.09 08:42 pm)

Hi, David.
Nice to see your writing.
What do you think is on the other side of the “veil”?
Do you think it is a “thing”?

Good Night Boon

by dagwead (03.28.09 12:02 pm)

Good Night Boon
(2b sung bi P.P.Pixi Bungchop 2 XIL Radio @ Green Nafta-Lee)

In the room I saw a
picture of

A luft Balloon
A goo-nite haus

And a good cartoon—
good night haus

goo-nite stairs
and a luft Balloon

goo-nite picture
of a good cartoon,

goo-nite hi
goo-nite by

good night people

(this is what we call we didn't want to be a part of screamo but this is how we take it back)

Re: The Gulf Between

by CAP (03.28.09 12:53 pm)

Must be Jo King Velasco