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Re: Trompe Lit

by TMCampbell (04.07.09 09:21 am)

Thank you.
Finally, the AF Diary is covering something of substance.
Suspended are the YOGA classes at art fairs, toasts to oligarchs promising to buy model homes from museums and sea spraying waterfalls. We actually might see something that has been there all along, but was obfuscated by unregulated ‘free enterprise.’ What the market will bare...


Re: Trompe Lit

by Back Talk (04.13.09 02:52 pm)

As Daniel Sinker writes, “You see, Stewart’s real critique wasn’t about Cramer, it was also only marginally about CNBC. Instead, Stewart’s real rage comes from the role the modern media has created for itself: the role of cheerleader instead of watchdog, of favoring surface over depth, of respecting authority instead of questioning it.” Critical thought will always unveil the truth.

Re: Trompe Lit

by dopplebock (04.13.09 07:34 pm)

Hm yeah ok next entry...gosh everybody looks well fed.