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by dagwead (04.08.09 11:13 pm)

All best, James Franco.

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by Back Talk (04.09.09 09:31 am)

Erased de Kooning is really a homage to de Kooning NO ARTIST used the idea of erasing or smearing as a way of drawing as a technic or idea as de Kooning and may have been the first to use erasing as a way to draw.I know everyone likes to think the “Erased de Kooning” as a “Dadaist stunt with an Oedipal edge”(like all dadaist ideas the back story has to be “interesting”) but it was de Kooning who gave Rauschenburg the idea to begin with

Erased de Kooning, 1953, a Willem de Kooning drawing that the younger artist painstakingly erased, leaving a ghostly trace of the original, and claimed as his own. The Rauschenberg work was a pointed and poetic act of negation, a Dadaist stunt with an Oedipal edge.

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by Back Talk (04.13.09 08:11 am)

I know the powers to be here are visually brain dead but I thought the readers of TALKBACK had some BALLS

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by jameschute (04.13.09 08:26 am)

We're looking forward to reading your memoirs, BT.

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by dopplebock (04.13.09 07:39 pm)

Mind Eraser - vodka, Kahlua, and tonic water over ice; gulped through a large straw in one shot

I think that's a positive.

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by Back Talk (04.23.09 05:15 pm)

For me its more of the same. Id say the style goes back to Richard Tuttles show at the Whitney in the late 70s call it “Whitney House Style” and I guess the irony is that was the late Marsha Tuckers show that got her fired (and the New Museum was born)

The reviews are in for the New Museum’s provocatively titled “Younger than Jesus,” featuring works by 50 artists from 25 countries “who have yet to blow out 33 candles on a birthday cake,” as New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl put it. What’s the verdict? Who knows! We can tell you one thing — the artworks are eminently collectible!

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by Back Talk (05.04.09 03:52 pm)

For me this is why meaning is meaningless...he just wasn't as convincing as Derain or Matisse in his color choices or drawing