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by Back Talk (04.23.09 05:13 pm)

For me its more of the same. Id say the style goes back to Richard Tuttles show at the Whitney in the late 70s call it “Whitney House Style” and I guess the irony is that was the late Marsha Tuckers show that got her fired (and the New Museum was born)

The reviews are in for the New Museum’s provocatively titled “Younger than Jesus,” featuring works by 50 artists from 25 countries “who have yet to blow out 33 candles on a birthday cake,” as New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl put it. What’s the verdict? Who knows! We can tell you one thing — the artworks are eminently collectible!

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by swipxa (04.27.09 04:08 am)

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by Back Talk (04.27.09 10:30 am)

This is a great review BUT I have a different take on“the view these artists took of American culture, a mix of cynicism, anxiety and nostalgia” They love American Bourgeois Popular culture just like Warhol This is one of the Art world myths that its a criticism very similar to Institutional Crit.... Institutions were the first to show the stuff!!

<> by the way Tyler its by Holland Cotter but thanks for the link
The view these artists took of American culture, a mix of cynicism, anxiety and nostalgia, is second nature now. You find it almost everywhere you turn in “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus” at the New Museum, an up-to-the-minute, internationalized echo of “The Pictures Generation.” Its artists are as young as the “Pictures” artists were then. They do with digital images from the Internet what their older colleagues once did with images cut from magazines. The generational parallels are so many as to be worrisome. Has new art come no further than this? Is it still tilling fields all but farmed out in the past?

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by Back Talk (04.27.09 02:15 pm)
Of course, the show title lays bare the shallowness of the exhibition's ambitions. Why compare a group of artists to a great, famous figure by one of His least important qualities? By that token, the next show should be called “Taller Than Napoleon.” But on today's Lower East Side, superficial intentions don't cancel anyone's plans, and the easiest way to gather young folks is to tell them they're young and that they matter, because, as Twitter and Facebook demonstrate, they're obsessed with themselves.
James Hannaham