Re: Jennifer West

by vtimofee (05.31.09 06:21 am)

Powersliding down the Turbine Hall has been a huge desire of mine since I first stepped foot there. Sadly, had I tried to do this on my own time, I would have been kicked out probably for all of the scuffs I would have made on their floor.. I'm glad this piece finally brings a bit of the outside in, though I also assume the museum enforced helmet laws and such, which destroy the essence of what skateboarding has always been for me. I understand a compromise most likely had to be made, and this is where it met. Hats (Helmets) off to Jennifer West. A few questions that popped in my head though.. if bringing the sky of California to the Tate in order for it to be ‘skated on’ and absorbed, was integral to the piece, I wonder how it would have functioned if instead of film strip it was a representation of sky that was directly visible to viewers and participants as well, say projections, photos, etc. Also what is to be done with the film strips after they have been ‘scuffed’ by the skaters?
I wish I could have been there to do a bit of my own scuffing... or have a powerslide contest down the ramp. Maybe that will have to wait for a show at the NY Guggenheim.....