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    Re: Acid House

    by CAP (07.07.09 03:41 am)

    All the set dressers in the house say “Ho!”

    Yeah you can wander round in this stuff, going over your lines and replaying the newsreels, block out your moves as best you can, but you can't help feeling you've missed the action by a good while.

    Installation comes with a good measure of insulation.

    The harder they press the detail, the more tedious it becomes.

    Re: Acid House

    by dagwead (07.08.09 08:18 am)

    Just hope you can appreciate I'm working the borders out here. The lower middle's the touchiest, but total class discombobulation, how should one say “The tilt-a-whirl makes me want to vomit” with a single button, in a single bound—to be everywhere and nowhere, where the Archigram play!

    I'm NOT saying it's the only manner of speaking. Not a bad parallel. Pax nobiscum.

    The Tilt-a-whirl still makes me want to vomit.
    Put some color in it, give it some life, change it. The carving's great; books great too. It helped—brilliant humor, a truly gifted photographer. It's a classic. I'm honored. The ladder is spiritual, too; Tapies for Ms. Harrison. The Anastasi's only temporary.

    Re: Acid House

    by pttymth (07.18.09 12:54 pm)

    Doorman looks like Adrian Dannatt; instead of crashing events, now he is guarding them