Re: Lisa Anne Auerbach

by CAP (10.21.09 08:50 am)

It would be impossible to parody this stuff.

Re: Lisa Anne Auerbach

by FakeName5678 (10.22.09 10:06 am)

“Since I emerged from the academic cocoon, my practice has involved the realization of conceptually based sociopolitical objects and installations. In 1992 I began inscribing value-laden ideographs onto repurposed found objects. Holographic texts have evolved into a foundational feature of my practice, combined with aleatory procedures derived from the graphic work of Cage.
In my work, I deconstruct the totalizing aspects of American dream and unpack and recontextualize its constitutent overdetermined fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of our childhood and adult culture by means of multiple Duchampian strategies. Of course, I owe some debt to European post-structuralist semiotics.
My work also interrogates gender roles/gender assignment, referencing the fragility and aporias of family dynamics, while refusing to privilege phallocentric apologetics for domestic violence and the underlying threads of violence and danger that subsume American society. Nonetheless, I eschew essentialism.”

Re: Lisa Anne Auerbach

by dopplebock (10.22.09 11:35 am)

are phallocentric apologetics like “she asked for it?” I'm not sure or is it more like apologia, in the greek sense or if I am missing a key feminist text here. I realize these things are written for academics and not the common man, but even an academic might wonder why this statement is so overblown - i.e. monolithic i.e phallic i.e. so 1992

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by CAP (10.25.09 02:52 am)

My debt to European post-structruralist semiotics was cancelled. Seems they'd traded it on in a derivatives market and when the interest accrued to outrageous heights it was not clear who actually held the debt anymore. I foreclosed as a bankrupt (naturally) and everything was in other members of the family's name, So there was no point to any sort of re-possession or reckoning. We just drew a line under the whole thing and started anew.

I am still a sole trader.

Apparently the unluicky holder (probably a bank) can apply for government ‘investment’ as a remedy. It all sounds so academic, no?

Re: Lisa Anne Auerbach

by rosepoussiere (10.25.09 04:40 pm)

“Another sweater references the book The Coming Insurrection [2009], and the idea that a revolution is on the way. When I read it, though, I found the bombastic language and strident, manifesto-like tone to be so familiar. It seemed just the current, fashionable revolutionary text of the moment.”

I'm glad the artist was able to tap into the “current, fashionable revolutionary text” and make a commodity with it. Good thinking. The best way to handle politics is to diffuse all meaning by making sweaters out of various phrases, and then selling them.

Re: Lisa Anne Auerbach

by dopplebock (10.26.09 09:03 pm)

yes yes bravo, brave radicals! Hi MOM!