Re: Touchy Ofili

by MellyMel123 (02.01.10 10:05 am)


I expected more from your review. Could you have expanded on the comment that Ofili is the Gustav Klimt of the 21st century. That is potentially a career defining comparison, no? No one cares about the fashionable or fashion challenged glitterrai. We care about your impressions of this big moment in Ofili's career. How many African British mid-career Retrospectives has the Tate Britain ever given? That would have been an interesting nugget to reveal. Yeah you decided to stay on the side of fluff and that says to me that you do not fully understand why his work is important. He is the most important contemporary British artist of the last decade and yes that includes Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and Peter Doig, etc. His 50th Venice Biennale paintings are revolutionary and it is easy to see why. Do better the next time!

Re: Touchy Ofili

by CAP (02.02.10 09:20 am)

Sheesh what as grouch.

Hey it was on the Scene and Herd page MM!.

That means they're there for the schmooze and passing on word of mouth. “A Gustav Klimt for the 21st century” is the kind of glib one-liner you get on these occasions. If you think that's ‘career defining’ you've gotta get out more, particularly to openings.

But look, this is a career survey in The Tate Modern - so Ofili's a made man, just like other genii like Peter Doig, Fiona Rae and Dexter Dalwood.

Should we fall to our knees to worship this week's coronation of KING DICK? Me? I'm saving up for another box of push pins...