Re: MacBook Pros

by kabircarter (02.18.10 06:00 pm)

As the organizer and moderator of the Mapping Sound in Art panel discussion, I must disagree with your account of the event. While a significant amount of time was spent on issues related to the installation and reception of sound work in art exhibition spaces (issues that are ongoing, concrete, and of utmost concern to some artists and curators working with sound), there were a variety of other subjects that were discussed, ranging from the position of visual material in sound work, to references to differences in German and stateside interpretations of sound's role in art, to the positing of discourse on sound art as a form of sound art itself. I deliberately wanted to steer clear of discussing canon formation, and experimental music in relation to sound art (subjects that have been repeatedly addressed in many places including Artforum). Instead, the panel afforded an opportunity to work through part of the ongoing critical impasse that seems to be impacting sound work even as a growing body of texts focusing on sound have been published. The idea of pitting dance music against sound art was precisely the notion that I wanted to avoid-both offer equally valid and exciting possibilities for immersive listening both through hearing and through the body. I can only hope that other attendees saw the connection.