Re: Nose Job

by CAP (03.15.10 04:41 pm)

‘Other text projections on the stage use a half-dozen fonts from Microsoft Office.’

It's reassuring to know an AF critic is so keenly attuned to the nuances of typography.

I for one, would be hard pressed to promptly detect an Arial or Arial Unicode from some subset of Helvetica, as they flashed by during a stage production. But I suppose it's all a matter of focus...

Re: Nose Job

by pttymth (03.15.10 07:47 pm)

Either he's getting paid; or Gates' advertising machinery has thoroughly colonized the reviewer's unconscious

Re: Nose Job

by CAP (03.16.10 02:10 am)

I think it's what they call a Knows Job - snort before you blow.

Re: Nose Job

by pttymth (03.16.10 11:55 am)

Brown knowsing

Re: Nose Job

by pttymth (03.16.10 11:56 am)

....leads to deep insights

Re: Nose Job

by dagwead (03.18.10 12:08 am)

Glad to see the meat and bones of Talkback going strong here...buccoes-ossoes all...lest divine intervention—“it-having” intervened—has overtaken ones machine.... :)

Re: Nose Job

by dagwead (03.18.10 12:24 am)

oh, but CAP, for true jouissance, you have to see Basel's double-Y version of lower east side “habile”. Downtown/uptown, but never Crown Town. Just in case U.R. sentient, in whose opinion, anyway? Of course there are already Reena Spaulings, happenings, and everything, all ego-tied to the Tk putdown. That's tough. I think they will see something by my saying this...a reification of an already bourgeoisified downtown scene, in BASEL, a creative capital thanks to art fairs and long-held collections. That's my downtown scene. In context. Party time. But it's still interesting. It's so beyond perverse, it's Swiss. Hi. Bologna's making deals, David.

Re: Nose Job

by CAP (03.18.10 01:37 am)

Yeah those EUROPA romper rooms for the indulged, they're a gas right?

Friend and I, trying to track down a certain Herr Furrer in leading Basel Fawlty Bank, ask the senior clerk - his eyes immediately lock on friend - his German accent (when speaking German) instantly detectable - drags himself out of chair and click heels approximately and shrugs “Oh we have such a lot of fuhrers here....”

Re: Nose Job

by dagwead (03.25.10 11:17 pm)

I think they CAP'd the DA with a soul. So is the Whitney a kiddie fix—the Biennial?

Re: Nose Job

by dagwead (03.25.10 11:28 pm)

Pardon me if I'm just paranoid!

Re: Nose Job

by CAP (03.27.10 09:43 am)

It looked pretty much business as usual. Although, of course, these are not times when ‘business’ can ever be quite ‘usual’ - without a bailout from the Feds or IMF (oh the irony!)

I was moved by Bonami's wittering interviews. The man clearly a much chastened, sadder but wiser curator, about to be, has-been.

Sure, he can still marshall the usual suspects but does Amerika really need to have its Nose rubbed in an embarrassing decline into mediocrity, complacency and impotency?

Yeah, well... each to his own.

Re: Nose Job

by hotgradstudent (04.04.10 09:34 am)

juan hu nose?