Re: Prickly Père

by CAP (04.04.10 10:42 pm)

Wasn't David in some crazy religion like the Mormons or Scientology?

But this is definitely a gig I'd go to, not because I fit the demographics profile, but because I loved the old records, especially that one about Monster Walks the Winter Lake or whatever.

Yeah, bring back the Cleveland Sound.

Re: Prickly Père

by friendlier (04.14.10 11:27 pm)

I've been following Pere Ubu since I lived in Cleveland in the late 70s. David has been haranguing audiences (and bandmates) since that time, sometimes to brilliant effect, other times falling flat, but always with the intention to keep them on their toes ... the ingrates!

Would love to have seen this. Thanks for the run-down, Andrew.

Re: Prickly Père

by magdalen23 (04.15.10 12:10 pm)

daaang i wish i couldve seen this! thanks for the encapsulation. bugnuts can be good. (DAve Thomas wrote a great, non bugnuts piece in Plazm magazine recently bythe way.).

how sure are you of the Obama connection? any way to find out from the artist hiimself?