Re: Alternate Reality

by Al Owl (04.11.10 03:08 am)

“It’s been said that good television isn’t what it looks like, but what it makes us feel“. This show , searching for ”Mr. Big" Artist, is a totally nauseating piece of crap. What is it with all that grooming? Sure, they are quite an attractive bunch, - but all such sappy half-baked goodytwoshoes.
Where are the misfits? The ones that don't fit in? This show would be more interesting with 14 hideous, malcontented, fountaineous, creative crumbs. The dilettantes and fops who judge these boring smiley-faced crafters, should be forced to exhibit, review, auction, purchase and dine this whole troop till the Met turns to sand.

Re: Alternate Reality

by dagwead (04.11.10 04:49 pm)

“Deleuzean Confusion” on Phila-ICA rampsteps: Rocky @ PMA —->
Web generativity: Pop media receptivity {?}

Re: Alternate Reality

by Terry_Ward (04.12.10 03:39 pm)

“Contemporary art is conspicuous by its absence from mainstream American TV” ?

Well yeah and also by its absence EVERYPLACE ELSE. Even the “arts & life” section of National Public Radio’s official website had no art section until very recently —-in part perhaps from a complaint campaign I and others instigated. No art on Aye. It was just “Books, Movies, Pop Culture, Digital Life, Food, Performing Arts, Games & Humor” and such until the recent addition (finally!) of “Art & Design”.

Re: Alternate Reality

by CAP (04.12.10 10:31 pm)

Contemporary art is conspicuous by its absence from mainstream American TV” ?

And on whose mainstream TV is it conspicuously present?

This is just the old populist ‘art-should-be-for-everyone’ riff. Art should be for anyone, interested, but that doesn't imply blanket approval by the rest.

Re: Alternate Reality

by LBeebe (04.15.10 11:29 am)

As I see it this show is a phenomena that perpetuates the “art in the age of mechanical reproduction”, “kitsch” and the “simulacra”. I am interested in what ‘mainstream viewers’ will conclude about ‘art’ and ‘artists', using this as their sole reference (?) and how the alleged 'art authorities’ on the show contribute, if at all, to forwarding an inclusive, didactic conversation about art (??)