Re: Masterpiece Theater

by dagwead (05.19.10 05:53 pm)

It's a gorgeous building!
To turn the sightlines of Corbusier (au Saint Chapelle) into the SOUND of television (the tourist's scenic outlook). To rework the motif of Brooklyn folkline into a {pyramid} and a {sail} and {radio tower} cognisant of reference yet remaining Pompidou. Flying buttresses as visual means of support. Aalto's outside, Saarinen's inside; the hook of the vernacular A-frame ski chalet wound out into a pavillion. It's Smurf-friendly; one belongs there, but isn't quite sure whether he or she should be there...AMEN. And that's just the view from New Jersey! What a view. :) MANY KUDOS AND CHEERS: One can put things together. D/u/omo.