Re: How the West Was Won

by jennisork (11.19.10 04:48 pm)

In the midst of a recession, when there is 12 1/2 percent unemployment in LA County, this shows not just a museum and its new director out of touch, but an entire generation of artists as well. Linda Y., why don't you check out LA's REAL art world, further east, such as Outpost's Monster Rally Drawing, last Saturday night? MOCA's monstrosity ought to be publicly shamed, rather than praised as a some sort of beacon of glamour.

Re: How the West Was Won

by dagwead (11.19.10 09:36 pm)

I thought “Monster” was something GLAMOUR PEOPLE say. I never thought I'd find myself defending Diary (! :), but they did mention the disparity between rich and poor in their recent Turkey posting, in Turkey and America. I was going to mention something about how the notions of prosperity and decadence get conflated in these types of environments. I'm always grateful for the access to “real art” museums give to “the real artists”. I'm really sorry I missed my chance to see the Panza Collection show at the Hirshhorn in Washington DC, all that great conceptual work, in person. Access to the collection at MoCA actually is a great gift to the artists of the city. Mrs. Panza, I hope the collection serves the memory of your husband well at MoCA!

I recently stopped my boycott of ICA Phila (cue Dead of Summer, Queer Voice, uh, Monster Rally, America's Funniest Home Videos) and it was actually really cool in terms of this Aiken jive. :) Show drawn from the “extra stuff” at Philadelphia Museum—where Rocky sat. Eakins portrait of a bohemian. Lots of tables. And a nice Monahan/Chu show which purposefully made it difficult to tell whose work was whose, to interesting effect—congrats to artist and curator, a grace note, and best in Boston!

David Salle lecturing on his own work—really interesting. He's one of those figures, for me, which you know about, but havent had a chance to view in depth—so I was really jazzed to have his sense of process open up some interesting vistas for me. Allergic to Motherwell, Rauch, tip-top. Gotta love it. Really self-effacing. Makes me put my tail between my legs, me and my royally monstrous delusions! It was really interesting, Linda. I would say, nine times as interesting as East of Sherrie Levine.

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by yngwshngtn (11.20.10 05:42 am)

I LOVE C-list parties! SOOOO camp!

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by dagwead (11.20.10 09:42 am)

Ad Babcock “RE-PRESENTS” Los Angeles.
Like Lambda said: you have to spell it out to a bully. OMG, do you listen to The Intelligence?

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by dagwead (11.20.10 12:29 pm)

Ryan Mulligan's art metaphorically captures the mental state of an overgrown teen trying to enjoy the state fair while hallucinating from a spoiled cheesesteak. Depicting random imagery—from roadside attractions to roller coaster rides—the artist renders both real and imagined subjects as disparate props expelled from a phantasmic cartoon.
Ryan Mulligan: Naked Ben Franklin will feature several new drawings and paintings by the artist as well as a site-specific mural highlighting Philadelphia's unique icons.

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by dagwead (11.21.10 06:19 pm)

Deitch is Camp genius (vs. Death Camp :) .
LA doesn't realize how camp LA really is, it seems, sometimes.
New. Funds. Appropriate.
But just funny for funny's sake primarily.

“Gorillas over SANAA on High!”
I know just the perfect Chan-delhi-ay for the New dem Deputy's new digs.
Should I send it for free?
Deserves it! Earned it!