Re: Night at the Museum

by dagwead (11.24.10 08:23 pm)

Go Raincoats.

Re: Night at the Museum

by dopplebock (11.25.10 01:56 pm)

I like these bands because I heard them in college, and college was new and exciting if not always the happiest time for me. But I don't want to be one of these people who only listens to music from a certain era -say 18 year olds who want to celebrate their cult of youth, complict in their cooptated big media spectacle.

“Take that MoMA money and put on a show somewhere else, somewhere that actually sounds good and where you can have lower ticket prices! But it was important to see those hands on guitars, on violins. It never gets old.”


Re: Night at the Museum

by CAP (11.25.10 09:23 pm)

Druther it'd been The Slits.

Re: Night at the Museum

by blankcanvas (12.10.10 10:33 am)

I have no idea what you folks are talking about! Is this a new band?