Re: Palm Reading

by reefdream (01.06.11 12:44 pm)

On his website, Mr. Wilson devotes a page to the work and importance of his grandfather John Anthony Thwaites, a noted art critic and author. One could assume, then, that Mr. Wilson came from a family where in addition to thinking about art in the larger context, the basics of reporting, writing, journalism and thinking were valued. I therefore find it astonishing that in a world where bylines are increasingly devalued, Mr. Wilson would put his name on this nasty little piece. This is blogging at its absolute worst—-small minded, biased and malicious.

Palm Beach is what is it….one of the wealthiest communities in the county.
Where yes, this season’s must have car might well be a Bentley, where extravagance is pretty much the order of the day, where astonishing wealth is constantly on display. Was Mr. Wilson expecting Detroit? And to describe Beth de Woody, who is untiring in her passion and support for contemporary art, the artists who create it and the institutions that nurture it, “less an art collector than an art horder,” is at once cruel and clueless.

Re: Palm Reading

by CAP (01.12.11 03:37 pm)

I think Wilson is describing her presentation of her collection, rather than her choices.

There clearly isn't enough room to do justice to the full breadth of the collection, so the effect is cluttered, or of hording. The line about clearing a path to the fridge, surely indicates that he means this humorously, and without malice.