Re: Hats Off

by billmazza (01.14.11 05:18 pm)

hate getting all early 90s on everyone, but it makes me sad that this post on “new years openings” getting off to a slow start is impossibly white & predominately male. In NYC. In the art world. Snow or no snow, storm or no storm, have we advanced so little?

Before we get all defensive, let's make the point that the 39 (by my count) people featured in these photos are ‘movers and shakers’ of the art world, and they're still mostly white men. Still. Yes, there are likely ‘unknowable in photo’ variables, but even taking the random faces caught in backgrounds into account doesn't up the percentages.

Ok, as our NYC artworld enters the New Year, and even in the unlikely case these photos don't represent who was actually at these events lets—once again—remember that representations have meaning and try a little harder in 2011. And always. Lets try a little harder always.

Re: Hats Off

by CAP (01.24.11 08:55 pm)

So what is white anyway? Is that like Argentine or Russian? Australian or Irish? Tajikistan or Turkish? Just so long as they're like, light, right?

And men? MEN? Oh please. Spare me your species-ism.

Re: Hats Off

by Renee Stout (08.03.14 06:55 pm)

I agree with billmazza. That's the first thing I thought after I looked through these images. There are all kinds of people in NYC, yet this is what the New York art scene looks like in 2011 (as I write this it's 2014, but I'm sure it's not much better). Yeah that's right “CAP”, or whoever you are that wrote the snide comment to billmazza, i don't like the looks of it either and I'm calling you out about it. Why should what he said bother YOU, especiallly, since he was making a truthful observation?

Re: Hats Off

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