Re: Fair Trade

by hellorinis (01.24.11 09:28 pm)

This is the single most brilliant Diary I entry I have ever read. Please if you were to keep up with this style of writing it might constitute criticism in the bare, watered-down Adornian sense. That is to say, exposing the nothingness which is the medium for the VIP-ing of the arts “daily” celebrates. Medium which quotes its own frozen-margarita condition. Absolutely brilliant. You should win Rob Pruitt's award for criticism. Exposing the system while sipping mighty drinks with the verbally challenged (that is a great line for a song btw). I mean it. CONGRATS MAN.

Re: Fair Trade and the hyperconnected world

by gregorylent (02.18.11 09:37 pm)

you have hit upon an unattended effect of the vip art fair and the future of online art sales ... “who knew a cindy sherman cost the same as ... ”

the end of price arbitrage, the commodification of art as online product, the removal of exclusivity, the flattening of the market. like books, like music, fame will cease to matter for price, it's just advertising on the internet.