Re: Get the Idea

by sirin (02.19.11 06:48 am)

Very difficult, I should said totally impossible, to share the admiration of AA Bronson for our French minister of culture. Was AA Bronson kidding -maybe in fact!!- ? Most of the French think F. Mitterand is the least courageous minister of culture that France has never had, many say he is even a shame for France (and for his uncle, a former president). He is just seen as the man of the Sarkozy’s wife. He was even unable to respect the protocol for his nomination – the height for someone who has always been fascinated by the kings and the stars! – so as to be sure to be chosen. He has become the man of censorship, also very close to dictatorship (Tunisia, Morocco…) and businessmen. He is quite the only man I know who used to go to Thailand to have sex… with adults (according to him), declarations that suggest he might – understatement? - have publicly lied. He is just the man of the powerful: he is the anti-Malraux, the anti-Lang (Malraux or Lang were very important ministers of culture in France).
That the reason why I sincerly wonder whether your journalist has some personal interests in doing the apology of that French minister of culture, by wittingly quoting sentences from AA Bronson. Has Bronson nothing more interesting to say?

Re: Get the Idea

by CAP (02.20.11 05:30 pm)

Thanks for clarifying the relation between Frederic and Francois. I think you're right about the lame quote from Bronson. Tremblay, stuck on the fringes, it seems.

Still, I liked the photos of Snow and Ester.