Re: Leather and Lace

by juliusmartov (02.27.11 12:42 am)

Don't these people get tired of seeing each other night after night after night? The usual LA boors. Same museum middle-management, same pathetic artists, same bourgeois blowhards grinning till their botoxed faces crack.
I can't wait till these museums go broke, the directors all go back to NY, the fashionistas go broke and bare-assed and the artists find their last shred of self-respect.
BTW the ballet costumes for Black Swan were dumpy. A tutu is not supposed to make the ballerina look ten pounds heavier.

Re: Leather and Lace

by Clemens Stecher (03.02.11 08:01 pm)

Why should the artists “find their last shred of self-respect” if the museums went broke?

Re: Leather and Lace

by rb8888 (04.09.11 09:39 am)

^ I agree with the Swan ballerina tutu... everything is really up-seized nowadays

as for the museums, this artist will surely be affected...


Re: Leather and Lace

by rb8888 (04.09.11 09:40 am)

^ I meant up-sized