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by thehangeron (03.07.11 11:02 pm)

Wow, Kate Sutton's week beats my year.

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by dagwead (03.08.11 03:19 pm)

Rorty's own quotation, regarding his own Contingency, Irony and Solidarity:

“Wolin's view is echoed by Terry Eagleton, Britain's leading Marxist philosopher. Eagleton says that ‘in [Rorty's] ideal society, the intellectuals will be ”ironists,“ practising a suitably cavalier, laid-back attitude to their own belief, while the masses, for whom such self-ironizing might prove too subversive a weapon, will continue to salute the flag and take life seriously'. Der Spiegel said that I 'attempt to make the yuppie regression look good.’ Jonathan Culler, one of Derrida's chief expositors, says my version of pragmatism ‘seems altogether appropriate to the age of Reagan. Richard Bernstein says that my views are 'little more than an apologia for an old-fashioned version of Cold War liberalism dressed up in ”fashionable“ post-modern discourse.’ The left's favorite word for me is ‘complacent,’ just as the right's is 'irresponsible'.”

It's an interesting notation upon Marx-urbain ‘Wallpaper theory’ perhaps concomitant to the Grammercy-era fair, where a Zurich gallery showing a David Byrne superego vitrine “stuck out” as—-how would one say—anathema, perhaps. Fashion attacks, from a number of years ago. It means what it means to be at Stonewall, one supposes.

Liked the Samaras show at UArts. Good feel to it. Strange, good feel. Having breezed past the vinyl wall text, my first thought was “this artist's work owes a great debt to Lucas Samaras.” And there you have it. It did. Good show. :)

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by dopplebock (03.09.11 01:34 pm)

aristocrats love irony, but when they step down to the level of he common man, they forget to be ironic, and enjoy life. Or if life is miserable, like other lowly plebs, they find comfort in irony. Interesting huh? I dunno, sweeping generalizations get me hot. Lucas Samaras still sucks.

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by CAP (03.11.11 10:15 am)

Emma and Jake looking more like The Avengers all the time.