Re: Press Play

by Amsfant (05.19.11 11:30 am)

Hi Artforum

I was very disappointed with how this piece so casually dismissed the union protest outside of Sotheby's. When I saw the image of protesters outside the building, I was intrigued and wanted to know what exactly their demands were. Instead, the writer used it as an opportunity to make a lame joke.

After critiquing the auction house as “a cipher for privilege, a place where entitlement is made salient, where class is rigorously policed,” it seems especially ridiculous to be merely flippant about a union protest on the very same site.

C'mon Artforum. You can't do better than this? There was a chance here to impart some real information, and you blew it. Considering how screwed labor is in America right now — not to mention the art world — I don't see why you chose to be so dismissive. If you don't agree with the demands of the union protest, that's fine, but at least let your readers know what it was about!

The wind blowing in the sun.

by Sinibaldi (05.22.11 08:49 am)

In the chirping
of a delicate
bird there's a
light that always
shines near
the sound of
a quietness, it's
the tender relief
now recalling
the youth.

Francesco Sinibaldi