Re: California Dreamin’

by blima2 (10.08.11 01:03 pm)

“The Los Angeles art world could never rival New York’s, or get along without it, but that hasn’t stopped it from trying”

Ah - wow. That comment kind of says it all about the writer's perspective.

Re: California Dreamin’

by JeanG (10.10.11 01:58 am)

Sounds like Linda's newyorkcentric mind and art world are far too easily threatened.

Surprised her editor didn't give her a Post-it note saying, “You're embarrassing us with this dinosaur drivel. Re-do or we'll send someone fresh and less cliche.”

Re: California Dreamin’

by Sinibaldi (10.10.11 12:14 pm)

After the peal.

When a
settled memory
returns near
a sensible
meaning I call,
in the sky,
the light of
a fine bird.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Re: California Dreamin’

by CAP (10.14.11 07:24 am)

The New York artworld could never rival LA's, or get along without it, but that hasn't stopped it trying....

Re: California Dreamin’

by kechuu (10.14.11 01:47 pm)

Are New Yorkers capable of writing a criticism that doesn't mention themselves?

There's a whole world out there filled with art and underknown stories, regardless of whether it pops into the limited institutional New York radar.

Re: California Dreamin’

by pri-ya (10.24.11 10:41 am)

NY Artword blinded and it is a wonder id the got the eye but on the pocket ; California believed em? >>> I am in between NY and california as per the dream; what it's worth of you take the opportunities out of the dream? check it out and see ya self east and west mess mess mess