Re: End Days

by NancyDalva (01.03.12 06:37 pm)

What a marvelous piece. So much to see, and then so wonderful to read about your way(s) of seeing. Very rich indeed. And helpful, too.

Spiritual mind.

by Sinibaldi (01.05.12 08:59 am)

The new
summer is a
splendid idea
that appears
in the morning
with a delicate

Francesco Sinibaldi

Re: End Days

by bryllupsfotograf (01.05.12 01:40 pm)


Re: End Days

by Kraftwerk (01.10.12 11:40 pm)

Thanks Mr. Velasco for that thoughtful and insightful piece.
Your comments are accurate and enlightening. A fine tribute
to the world of Merce Cunningham and modern dance itself.
All I can say is“ I was there! It was great!” and actually, I was there and it was great.

Re: End Days

by daviddashby (02.07.12 10:06 pm)

It was great! Nice thought.

Re: End Days

by forevigt (03.04.12 05:37 pm)

I love this article!! Thanks for sharing :-)