Re: It’s All Over

by ladyrose (01.17.12 06:24 am)

Hirst is cyclical. It seems every time he ‘comes back again’ its the same old story: life & death, how he is a microcosm for the desperate individual, the chain of submission from worker to collector. Not to mention, the resentment from ‘art people’ that we have to tolerate his work YET AGAIN in our precious art spaces! A bit like Kerry Catona for Daily Mail (UK) readers, except we/they relish a good slanging match as you have also demonstrated here.

All these points are succinctly put in this article and confirmed my own thoughts, so an enjoyable read.

I also like the phallic/rectal references where Hirst is concerned. This also crops up every time he is written about. How peculiar...

Re: It’s All Over

by adriennecallander (01.17.12 03:26 pm)

Siegel!!! Hennessey!!! Yes!!!

Re: It’s All Over

by ron giii (01.17.12 05:21 pm)

Early Mondrian and young at heart it will get better when
he is 80 yrs old.rg