Re: Semiotics of the Kitchen

by gulfportbear (02.09.12 08:47 pm)

I was only upset that none of the many positive reviews ever mentioned the scenarios author Ronald Tavel, who was the true genius behind the original films. The Public Theater did much to credit Ronald, but because of poor timing, the original publicity had already been distributed. One day, Ronald Tavel's profound contribution to those early films will receive it's long overdue acknowledgement.

Re: Semiotics of the Kitchen

by CAP (02.13.12 08:47 pm)

Sort of agree -

Tavel's scripts are crucial, but Andy's framing, lighting/film stock are not only seen to best advantage when recording the camp performances of the scripts - but equally the scripts and performances are given an added iconic weight by the Warhol treatment.

So I wouldn't say Tavel's contribution was greater than Andy's. I'm sure Andy wouldn't either.