“Everything Falls Apart, Part II”

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Re: “Everything Falls Apart, Part II”

by CAP (09.15.12 04:34 am)

Yet another social workers' culture pose fest. Just so long as the politics are ‘correct’ - never mind about the art.

Would the curators or critics even know how to talk about this stuff if it wasn't for their simplistic politicies and fawning bureaucratic compromises? Hey, much easier to make a wholesale bid for content and skip the pesky question of form - better still - assimilate form to content in a final, futile, relativist flourish.

But this is exactly what's killing the' fabulous' international circuit of these regular ‘surveys’ - they've become no more than the dry academic exercises in diplomacy that stifled 18th and 19th century art. Biennalia have become the state art of the coalition of the willing - and they only grow more willing.

Bring back the underground.