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by pelargonium (12.05.12 10:41 am)

every issue of art forum should have an article about Lana Del Rey; it shows such diversity and as such goes beyond just wielding the words of
Adorno as cheerleader.

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by octoberxswimmer (12.18.12 01:22 am)

I wish every article about Lana Del Rey was as thoughtful and sincere as this one. For a while, I thought I was the only cheerleader cheering for LDR. I've written quite a few blog posts attempting to change the minds of my peers. In some cases it worked. I had to explain that Lana Del Rey was offering a different perspective on the pop model. I really enjoyed how Glazek referred to it as a “queering” of popular culture.

At times I thought Lana Del Rey was suffering from schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, but that sounded like a criticism. In this article Glazek was able to praise her multiple personalities by comparing her changing of identities to pop stars who change costumes. It was a rather brilliant way to subvert an easy criticism.

Glazek also suggests that Lana Del Rey is what happens post-Gaga. I used to argue how the latter was an example of what happens after postmodernism. But I think the real change is within Lana Del Rey. There's a sincerity, an “unwinking” eye that Lana Del Rey exudes. It's a genuine performance, a genuine expression. Lana Del Rey doesn't have her tongue firmly placed in her cheek. The self-awareness in her performance is exposed and she's scared shitless. That's real and complicates every pop tenet we as viewers/consumers are used to.

Bravo. I can't wait to share this with all the members of #TeamLana.

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by DebraSanto (09.16.13 10:55 am)

i just love Lana Del Rey.

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by DebraSanto (12.05.13 06:34 am)

lana del ray rules