Re: Sein und Zit

by xaviercha (10.24.13 09:01 pm)

Some clarification on Disembodied Selfie- Monico entered the Lyon Biennale clothed, obsessively shoots selfies with the art, gets so involved he starts to remove articles of clothing for better pics until he is in fact fully nude, jerking off and taking dick pics and masturbation vids. If perhaps you had actually viewed the documentation before writing this, you'd see he was nude with a boner and many of the images taken are unclear as to what body part is even represented. Also, if you had read the project description, the selfies are “disembodied” because the performer is mentally dissociated from his body and sense of self through the use of psychoactive drugs- he is ACTUALLY experiencing a disembodied state and attempting as a viewer of the very male focused biennale to feel his “self.”

Nevertheless, the performance and corresponding text are not in the defense of or even about selfies as art.

Re: Sein und Zit

by thehangeron (10.25.13 12:05 pm)

Someone should start a band called the Internet Explorers.