by Judy Garfin, 12.06.17 02:06 pm

Such a dangerous and opportunistic attempt on the part of the petitioners to censor the work of a wonderful artist....organizer of petition draws the line at blatant sexualization...let’s pull Nabokov off the library shelves, remove Michelangelo’s David (very homoerotic).. very misguided confusion of real life abuse and the creative imagination.

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by (12.13.17 04:07 am)

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by (12.13.17 09:49 pm)

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by (12.18.17 04:12 pm)

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by (12.19.17 02:42 pm)

Someone went ahead to put a petition for something she cared.. there is indeed another angle to look at this whole activity as how art matters in people's life.. read this cool article on that view