Re: Thomas Struth

by humberto (10.16.02 08:02 pm)

Jack Bankowsky makes the safest, most boring choices.

I should see these because.....

by zipthwung (10.17.02 02:56 am)

I say impassively within a sort of inescapable constancy....

This thread is tainted

by tagent (10.17.02 03:12 am)

Just like the rest of AshcroftForum.
Editors would have you believe that what is here is what was posted under this topic heading. WRONG
Snip and tuck. Have FUN ya'll. Keep the blinders on and screw what's right.

Tagent, you don't know jack, Jack

by deliguy (10.17.02 10:47 am)

Artforum is a magazine, get it? It's not a government. It's private enterprise. They make choices. Talkback is a public service, an act of generosity, not a God given right. Be glad you got a forum, perhaps the biggest one you'll ever have. I don't blame them one bit for keeping their court clean. Is there some principle in letting a few nit-wits ruin the thing for everybody? Personally, I love the rag, and I think their website, which costs plenty but pays little, is something for which you should be grateful. Now, go find me a picture.

Re: Thomas Struth

by matsonjones (10.17.02 11:43 am)

I agree completely with deliguy. And I have to say tagent, I'm bored of your dreary aphorisms littered everwhere on talkback. If it's some type of “art/polical/whatever” project, it's very sad. Go start your own board somwhere else and do what you wnat to do there.

Re: Thomas Struth

by kittyking (10.17.02 02:18 pm)

Censorship is good according to deliguy and matsonjones? Teishas a bitch but so what? She's got something to say. Welshie and ttg are incomprhensible, but so what, skip their shit. That's what I do.

Tagent makes me fukin laugh.

Re: tagent the clown

by deliguy (10.17.02 02:52 pm)

me too. But re: 'censorship', give us a break. This ain't Union Square, and even if it was, there's such a thing as disturbing the peace, not to mention laws governing public displays of obscenity. Where are YOU from?

Re: Thomas Struth

by Reginato (10.17.02 02:57 pm)

matsonjones is always for censorship, why? The New York Times is a private enterprise ALSO and yes sometimes the postings are juvenile ......


by deliguy (10.17.02 03:06 pm)

Juvenile is fine. If they pulled posts on the basis of intelligence and/or maturity, you're talking light traffic. As for the NYT, it has a slogan, in case you're unaware,
that reads: “All the news that's fit to print”. The Times is also a private enterprise, and one that gives rather less consideration to the Talkback dolts than they're getting here.

Re: Thomas Struth

by Redd Foxx (10.17.02 03:53 pm)

Tagent, funny? Back when he first started posting it was mildly amusing. Now he's just annoying, intrusive, and loud.

Reading his “clever” posts is a little like being trapped in a three-hour Gallagher concert. He makes Carrottop seem amusing.

Re: Redd

by deliguy (10.17.02 04:24 pm)

Give that man a sandwich. You got it w/Gallager. Much the same here. Everything ends in a food fight.

Re: Thomas Struth

by Reginato (10.17.02 05:32 pm)

deliguy[ alias matsonjones] I guess your for censorship! Who what and why are you censoring?Its true the NYTimes has its pretensions

Re: Thomas Struth

by zipthwung (10.17.02 05:40 pm)



by tagent (10.17.02 05:40 pm)

Do you remove windows to remove your art?

I've seen it happen.

Re: Thomas Struth

by deliguy (10.17.02 05:46 pm)

Reggie baby, I'm the one and only.
Censorship? Absolutely.
Freedom of Speech? Definitely. Mutually exclusive? Not at all.
Taste? Choice? You bet. Isn't that what it's all about?
Tell me, Reggie, does liking art mean liking everything? Is the same true for literature?
You ought to read that New York Times. Get spell check too, since readin' and writin' don't seem to be your thing.

Re: Thomas Struth

by Reginato (10.17.02 06:00 pm)

I may not like someones Art but I would not Try to stop them from making it So who do you want to censor and Why? I always like being called Reggie Thanks

Re: Reggie

by deliguy (10.17.02 06:06 pm)

Don't mention it.
I don't want to censor anybody. I don't want to be bothered. I DO want the editors to pick and choose. That's why I bother with Artforum. They make choices. You know, wheat vs. chaff. Later guy, I gotta deliver some grub.

Re: Thomas Struth

by kittyking (10.17.02 06:21 pm)

Funny tho, the one thing they are censoring, or maybe supressing is a better word, is a post about the editor himself. Who his lover is may be just a rumor, I haven't been in bed with them (maybe Teisha has?). But they allow the Israeli's not coming into work at the WTC rumor to be discussed openly.

Hmmmm. You gotta edit for the right reasons, bro.

Re: Thomas Struth

by crash (10.17.02 07:26 pm)

For clarification

I posted the Amiri Baraka post not because I agree with it but because he pushes the edges of free speech towards a “speech act” like “the theater is on fire!”

The scary thing is that Baraka does not see himself as exercising free speech, but instead (according to an interview with Connie Chung in the last month) believes that he's liberating the truth, which he discovered from sources on the internet.

I know it's creepy, but I certainly did not intend the post to show support for jersey's poet laureate. Instead I was interested in how the art community (or this version of it) responds to it.


by teisha (10.18.02 01:32 am)

■◆■teisha rules◆■◆
◆ But not with Jack Bankowsky removing all
◆◆◆ ■◆■ my posts■◆■◆・◆ I am going to call Knight and complain■◆■◆・◆
◆ Life is experience, we desire more. We are beginning a process of
experience gathering - finding knowledge, wisdom, memories, community. Our
first step is to rid ourselves of the accumulated souveniers of half a
lifetime, hopefully to share with people willing to spend time. Thus we are
◆◆◆ ■◆■

■◆ ◆◆◆◆
Peace be with you and Tolerance be with me.

Re: Thomas Struth

by Redd Foxx (10.18.02 01:33 am)

Wow, “kittyking,” do yuh think? Could it be that people who sponsor this “forum” might be a little pissed that folks like you post ad hominem crap about their sex lives? Why those insensitive little bigots! How dare they! Go join tagent at the front of the line.

Get a clue.


by inkheads (10.18.02 01:38 am)

Re: Thomas Struth

by Art Lover (10.18.02 10:04 am)

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin wore panty hose.

by mmuttt (10.18.02 10:41 am)

a squabble over censorship, how novel. I think we should dally with martini's and dictionairy hats, smash artforum offices and reak havoc upon employees. That'll show 'em what anarchy's all about.

Re: Thomas Struth

by maxherman (10.18.02 11:45 am)

I wish some of you would post to Raw, never censored and being as they are mostly computerheads you painters might go right to the head of the class. War that is.