Wendy Brown


(IN PRINT - It is either the end of the world...)

1 message, Friday 01.20 05:33 pm

Michelle Kuo


(IN PRINT - Totally disagree with your comments on Trump. I'm...)

2 messages, Thursday 01.19 01:40 pm

Maria Balshaw to Succeed Serota


(How wonderful! A real lady of refinement instead...)

1 message, Wednesday 01.11 02:18 pm

Business as Usual


(FILM - I did not really enjoy this film, and...)

1 message, Wednesday 01.04 04:51 pm

State attack on art school, Israel


(A shame that the State of Israel threatens...)

1 message, Wednesday 12.21 04:21 pm

attack in NYC


(Now it starts; attacks on artists by people...)

1 message, Wednesday 12.21 04:18 pm

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore


(FILM - What absolutely mindless drivel.  To inartfully refer to...)

1 message, Thursday 12.15 06:39 am

Bubble Trouble


(DIARY - Everyone is getting older and older.)

2 messages, Friday 12.30 09:54 am

Mierle Laderman Ukeles


(IN PRINT - This woman is a hero.)

1 message, Saturday 12.10 11:55 pm

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