• PRINT February 1999

    Darius James

    Darius James, the author of Negrophobia (St. Martin’s, 1992) and That’s Blaxploitation!: Roots of the Baadasssss ’Tude (St. Martin’s, 1995), currently resides in Berlin, where he is a foreign correspondent for Code: The Style Magazine for Men of Color. At work on his second novel, The Last American Nigger, Mr. James is also preparing a project on disinformation technology for Expo 2000, which will be held in Hannover, Germany, next year.

  • PRINT November 1999

    Frances Stark

    Frances Stark is an artist and writer who lives in Los Angeles. Her work is on view in LA at Marc Foxx (through November 13) and China Art Objects (Nov. 11-Nov. 26). She is the author, most recently, of The Architect & the Housewife (Bookworks, London).

  • PRINT October 1999

    Art Club 2000

    Art Club 2000 is a six-member collaborative, formed in 1992 in cooperation with gallery owner Colin de Land. Their seventh annual exhibition at American Fine Arts Co., entitled “1999,” was held this May. Billed as a “retrodisrespective,” “1999” featured selected works from the group’s previous shows: “Night of the Living Dead Author,” “1970,” “SoHo So Long,” “Night in the City,” “Clear,” “and ”Commingle."

  • PRINT Summer 1999

    Bruce Wagner

    Bruce Wagner is a novelist living in Los Angeles. The film version of his book I’m Losing You, which he directed, will be released this fall.

  • PRINT May 1999

    Georgina Starr

    Georgina Starr shows regularly at Anthony Reynolds Gallery in London, where she lives, and at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York. Her most recent exhibition, “Tuberama,” was presented at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England.

  • PRINT April 1999

    Jim Isermann

    Jim Isermann (seated above in a Panton chair) is an artist based in Southern California. He is represented by Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles and Feature in New York. “Fifteen,” a major survey of his work, opens at the Santa Monica Museum of Art on April 1. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen

  • PRINT March 1999

    Elizabeth Peyton

    Elizabeth Peyton is a painter who lives in New York, where she shows at Gavin Brown's Enterprise. Her work was the subject of a survey exhibition last year at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Basel.

  • PRINT January 1999

    Jeffrey Vallance

    Jeffrey Vallance is an artist who divides his time between Las Vegas and Lapland. Represented by Rosamund Felsen Gallery in Santa Monica, California, he has most recently shown in solo exhibitions at Lehmann Maupin in New York and Galerie Praz-Delavallade in Paris. A book of his collected writings, The World of Jeffrey Vallance, was published by Art Issue Press, Los Angeles, in 1994. Mr. Vallance is currently Professor of International Professional Art at Umeå University, Sweden.

  • PRINT November 1998

    Jim Shaw

    Jim Shaw is a Los Angeles-based artist represented by Metro Pictures in New York. A collection of his drawings, Dreams, was published in 1995 (Smart Art Press). In addition to his work as an artist, he served as the animation director for Nightmare on Elm Street 4, in which he also played the part of a teenage soul escaping from the neck of the just decapitated Freddy Krueger.

  • PRINT October 1998

    John Waters

    John Waters is a filmmaker and artist who divides his time between Baltimore and New York. His film Pecker opened nationwide in September. His photographs were recently published in John Waters: Director's Cut (Scalo). Photo: Greg Gorman.

  • PRINT September 1998

    Karen Kilimnik

    Karen Kilimnik is a Philadelphia-based artist represented by 303 Gallery in New York. Her work was most recently seen in a solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich, with a catalogue copublished by Edition Patrick Frey.

  • PRINT Summer 1998

    Peter Halley

    Peter Halley is an artist and publisher of Index magazine. A retrospective of his work, “Peter Halley: Painting as Sociogram, 1981-1987,” was recently held at Kitakyushu Municipal Museum in Japan. His prints were recently on view in “New Concepts in Printmaking I” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.