Amelia Saul, THE SCRIPT, 2013

THE SCRIPT from the document dropped in lieu of a programme on the heads of the audience during the intermission of Claude Wampler and Amelia Saul's N'a pas un gramme de charisme. (The Kitchen, NYC, January 2013).

Written and Directed by
Amelia Saul

Claude Wampler & Amelia Saul

Produced by
Marisa Viola & Amelia Saul

Associate Producers
Leo Koenig
Adam Boxer

Attractive Female Artist: Catherine Yezbak
Attractive Female Dancer: Ieva Miseviciute
Claude Wampler: herself
Asa Campbell: herself
Kaneza Schaal: Lacey Korb
Sound Assistant: Forrest McClain
Stage Manager: Kana Hatakeyama
Stage Manager: Staphany Robayo
Agent: Terence Mintern
Aspirant: David McElwee
Grad Student 1: Nashwa Zaman
Grad Student 2: Alex Malcolm Mills
Girlfriend: Aysha Quinn
Boyfriend: Matt McCroskey
Elli: Zoe Geltman
Cult of Claude Member: Genc Jakupi
Kiddie: Kathryn Hamilton
Hannah: Marisa Viola
Organ: Mitch Margold

Assistant to the director: Natasha Kermani
Camera: Travis Tips
Sound: Mike Wolf Snyder
Production Manager: Kristen Lindbeck
Sound assistant: Brian Neris
Production Assistant: Cesar Timoteo Sevilla
Makeup: Flynn Marie
Sound Post Production: Drew Webster

Special thanks to:
Casita Marisa Center for Arts and Education, Bronx NY
Nate Kolbeck
Ghetto Film School, Bronx NY
Jason Isaacs
Marta Gonzalez
Matthew Lyons
John Tremblay
John Patrick Hayden
Cesar Timoteo Sevilla
That Tree