Under the Cover: Nida Sinnokrot

In this episode of “Under the Cover,” Artforum editor-in-chief David Velasco talks with artist Nida Sinnokrot about creating the work KA (Oslo) (2017), which is currently on view at the Palestinian Museum.

“Under the Cover” is a monthly web series that talks with the artists whose work is featured on Artforum's cover.

Nida Sinnokrot is and artist and educator whose work explores how various forms of power and bias are embedded in dominant narrative structures and attendant articulations of time and space. Working across film, video, photography, sculpture, installation, and agriculture, Nida seeks to expose and cannibalize -through tactile, tactical and material acts of technical and conceptual detournement- various technologies of control that give rise to shifting social, political and environmental instabilities. Nida is a co-founder of Sakiya – Art | Science | Agriculture, an international residency program and research platform in the West Bank village of Ein Qinya, and a faculty member of MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology Program (ACT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Video sponsored by The Artist Profile Archive.