Diddy Blog #20 Version 1: NO ONE on Da Corner Got Swagga Like PUFF!!!

Michael Bell-Smith: “An amazing example of where music video is today, the first version of Diddy’s ‘Swagga Like Puff’ is a single camcorder shot featuring the millionaire rapper / entrepreneur eating cereal, shilling his brand of vodka, dancing around the room and occasionally lip syncing a lyric—but mostly just sitting there listening to his song. The video’s second version isn’t much more elaborate: five minutes of shaky footage of Diddy and co. cruising alongside Central Park in a Jeep. Either clip would make perfect sense on the video blog of a bored (and perhaps rich) college kid and yet they come courtesy of a rapper who was ranked #33 on Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2008. Compare and contrast with the glossy, big budget videos Diddy (then still Puff Daddy) was making with Hype Williams in the 90’s, videos that defined the look for that period of hip hop.”